We all like participating in weddings and enjoying a good time. However, there are certain things that we should do at a wedding and which we should prevent from doing at a wedding. Below is a list that would give you an idea as to the things that you should do and the things that you should avoid doing at a wedding.

Selecting your dress.

What you wear for a wedding should be selected with much care and cautiousness. If you are not the bride, then wearing something white and crystal is a big ‘no’. Remember that today is the day for the bride and not for you. Try your best to avoid wearing a dress which is purely white. Instead opt for colours such as peach, blue, green or any other colour which suits a wedding. Another mistake that many make with the selection of dress is, forgetting the type of function you are attending. A mini glittering dress which reveals most of your skin would look great to wear for a bar or a night party, but not for a wedding. You should never over dress for a wedding. Always keep it minimal and simple. The dress you wear for the wedding should be one that is decent and one that would not embarrass the others who are present there with you. However, dressing minimal does not mean that you should wear a casual dress while others have dressed them self elegantly.

Torment the occasion photographer to take your pictures.

We see people like this all the time. The bride or the groom’s family might have got a photo booth hire Western Sydney or a wedding photographer to take pictures of the guests. Never be that annoying person who asks the photographer to always take pictures of you, your parents, your friends and you as the focus of the wedding. The photographer is hired to capture special moments of the bride. Therefore, be aware to respect that and stay calm.However, if you so badly want to take many pictures, there is the wedding photo booth hire Liverpool which the family have installed. You can take many pictures as your desire through it. However, again even in here you need to give others the opportunity to take pictures as well.

Lower your voice and maintain your behaviour.

You should entirely avoid talking loud at a wedding. This would grab the attention of others who are at the wedding at you. Completely avoid talking negative things about the bride or the groom or anything related to their past. You should not be one to spread negative vibes talking about the flaws and mistakes of weddings.